FlyFree Team

World Freerunning & Parkour Federation Affiliate Athlete • FlyFree Head Instructor/Choreographer
FlyFree Performance team, WFPF

2J Pantoja is part-passionate and part-addicted to the art of movement. Recognized as a World Parkour and Freerunning Affiliate Athlete, one of the few in Canada, 2J does local and international workshops and is known to bring adrenaline to live performances. He is one of the founder and organizer of community groups such as Parkour Alberta, Edmonton Parkour & Freerunning and Made to Move workshops. Through Parkour, 2J’s goal is to help others find confidence and satisfaction in life which he himself finds in God.

2J’s new journey and partnership with Salto Gymnastics blossomed the already popular Parkour Program and the NEW FlyFree Parkour Gym – The first and only Parkour gym in the Edmonton, Alberta region. Rain, snow or shine, the FlyFree Parkour Gym is the perfect indoor Parkour facility to train in all year. The collaboration efforts constructed more than just the state of the art facility itself – it also built a home for the local Parkour community.

Jeff Arceo

Parkour Athlete • FlyFree Instructor
FlyFree Performance team

Jeff’s positive outlook allows him to discover and train new moves almost every time he trains. His background as a b-boy compliments his flow in Parkour and his style in Freerunning. Jeff reflects both his physical experience in his movement and his positivity as a mentor in the Parkour community.

Tyler Chassie

Parkour Athlete • FlyFree Instructor
FlyFree Performance team

Tyler constantly trains and pushes his limitations and his movements. His power comes from dedicated conditioning, his balance from slack-lining and by sustaining his physique with a vegan diet. Parkour is constantly challenging physically and mentally and its through this journey that he is able to teach his experience and discipline to students at the FlyFree gym.

Eddy Sims

B-boy • Choreogrpher
FlyFree Performance team, Beta.4., Rhythm Speaks

Unlike a lot of dancers, Eddy did not find his passion for bboying until the age of 17. He began his dancing during high school in Lethbridge AB, with a group of friends from different schools around the city. He has continued his dance career since he moved to Edmonton 5 years ago.

After training in Edmonton, Eddy joinged up with 2 Edmonton based b-boy crews, Beta.4. and Rhythm Speaks. With these 2 crews he has had the opportunity to win competitions, as well as perform for such things as the AAG Refinery, Hip Hop for Hope, as well as opened up for many major performers.

Chris Martin

Dancer • Choreographer
FlyFree Performance team, Choreo Cookies, Kingdom Made

Chris Martin was born in California but moved to Colorado at a very young age. He began dancing when he was eight years old, initially introduced to bboy-ing and being taught by over a decade his senior in Colorado’s bboy community. He eventually began testing the waters with choreographing around the age of fifteen, and now at twenty years old, prefers to not draw a line between being a “b-boy” and being a “choreographer” and resides with just “dancer.” He’s taught on his own turf and around the world, in places like Norway, Malaysia, Singapore, and Canada. He’s a pioneer member of the widely accredited Break EFX crew in Colorado and houses his position as the artistic director. He strives to teach and leave his mark internationally as a choreographer and hopes to teach in all areas of the world

Lindsay Piojo

Dancer • Choreographer
FlyFree performance team, NXG Company, Details, Soul II Soul

Lindsay is known for her positive attitude, faith and lighthearted spirit. She started dancing at the age of 5 and has extensive dance training in jazz, lyrical, ballet, tap, contemporary, Filipino folk dance, and hip hop. Lindsay and her twin sister, Arianne are best known as “Soul II Soul” and have received several awards and scholarships which have given them the opportunity to train and perform in Vancouver and Los Angeles with well-known choreographers and dancers. Lindsay is also a proud member of Details Dance Crew, which she joined in 2006. Lindsay has been blessed to perform at numerous events, shows, plays and benefit concerts in Edmonton as well as in the Philippines, San Francisco, Disneyland and California. Lindsay currently teaches hip hop at SDC and the Kore Dance Studio